Sunday, September 23, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 169b: Libyan counter-demonstration to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi -- good news AND bad news . . .

News reports indicate that there have been counter-protests in Libya to the recent Embassy attacks. Good news.

The bad news?

The rarity of such, implying the intimidation of moderates by extremists on the streets. Which is a characteristic of both unstable pre-radical revolutionary situations, and of revolutionary power struggles that tend to put ruthless radicals in the driving seat.

Jihad Watch comments:
If the government and mainstream media narrative about Islam being a Religion of Peace that has been "hijacked" by a Tiny Minority of Extremists were true, we would be seeing this kind of thing frequently: Muslims not only registering their public disapproval of those who riot and murder in the name of Islam, but taking real action to stop them. Instead, there are only a handful of such stories, at best, since 9/11. Now, why is that? The learned analysts dare not ask that question, or answer it . . . 
The problem is that history is riddled with cases of tiny radical minorities driving the unfolding of events and seizing power then taking the bad habits of nihilistic ruthlessness and/or extremism into the halls of power. Millions of ghosts warn us of what can happen as a result.  Where, this is not exactly hard to find in credible histories,  from the French Revolution on.

 We need to see the radical routed all across the Islamic world.

And, BTW, this sort of real phenomenon is one reason why I hold that the distinction between IslamIC and IslamIST is valid.

Let's root for the moderates, but remember the sobering warning of those millions of ghosts. END