Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video: Prof Richard Dawkins (ret'd) struggles with his forays into philosophy

Thanks to UD News we can see prof Dawkins as he struggles with key philosophical challenges to his breezily confident atheism:

It is fair comment to say that he has rushed in well out of his depth. 

For just one instance, philosophically, nothing denotes non-being. As Aristotle put it: what rocks dream of.  But, rocks have no dreams? Precisely.

That is why the philosopher's principle that something does not come from nothing is quite reasonable. And nothing thus is not a proper description of the suggested quantum fluctuation that is used to explain the big bang singularity in some circles.

Well worth a watch, especially as we see his talking points taken up by ever so many of the so-called new atheists. END

PS: For a 101 on philosophical thinking, cf here, and cf here on for a 101 level approach to grounding a theistic, Christian worldview.