Sunday, June 10, 2012

News Note: Two sides to the Creflo Dollar story

Over the past day or two, well-known African American megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar has been the subject of headlined accusations tracing to a 1:00 am 911 phone call. 

So, since others have come to me on the story, let me briefly follow up.

Newsmax has a "two sides of the story" update here, that may be helpful to the concerned. 

That said, I note that we need to strike a balance on child discipline, which recognises and seriously addresses the possibility of abuse but does not turn reasonable or understandable parental disciplinary actions into unnecessary criminal charges or headlined accusations. For, not every father is properly a suspect abuser, and not every child is an innocent, well adjusted little angel. END

F/N:  Following up on incoming links from a "sneer and smear" anti-design discussion forum [cf. my thoughts on origins science here on], I saw snidely suggestive speculation on what the "crisis" I mentioned elsewhere that has had me unusually busy over the past several days, is.  Let's just say that the issue has to do with recent events relating to Montserrat. The above is little more than a footnote I put up as a point of reference on a news item for those who have asked me about the events, as a quick reference point. In fact, it is less significant than the immediately preceeding post here at KF  -- just updated -- on Quick Books familiarisation for people in small business. Next on the agenda: Java based intro to programming as a gateway to digital productivity education, a platform for regional economy transformation. Part of the ongoing AACCS proposal, following up from here and many previous posts at KF.