Sunday, February 12, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 151b: Breaking, Iran rumoured to be on verge of a bomb trigger

I have just been to WND, and see a report as below, that follows up from this report of a week ago:

>>Countdown! Iran's finger on nuclear trigger
2 warheads, payloads could be weaponized in weeks

By Reza Kahlili
WASHINGTON – Iranian nuclear experts have completed the component for a nuclear bomb trigger, overcoming a major obstacle in obtaining the bomb, according to sources within Iran.

As reported last May, the Iranian nuclear and military industries, under the order of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, were to weaponize at least two warheads with a nuclear payload no later than next month.

Sources within the Revolutionary Guards reveal that the work on the trigger is taking place covertly under the control of the Guards in the cities of Darkhovin and Isfahan . . . .

The IAEA last November indicated that Iran had experimented with firing multiple detonators with a high level of simultaneity. The report also indicated that Iran as early as 2003 began a large-scale experiment to initiate a high-explosive charge in the form of a hemispherical shell. This indicates work on a nuclear bomb. . . . [MORE]>>

Israel Matzav adds that the author is an ex Revolutionary guard (the byline at WND adds, former CIA operative), and that Israel-based blog observes that the report in 2007 that took a military option off the table at that time, is dubious in light of evidence pointing to work on nuke bomb triggers since 2003.

Further to all this, it seems from the report that Iran may soon launch a one-ton payload satellite, which would be essentially equivalent to its having inter-continental range ballistic missile [ICBM] capacity.

This initial report seems to be unique, and many will brush off the source, but given the known trends and recent announcements by the Iranian leadership that they will shortly have something major to say, this will bear watching. END


F/N: A glimpse of the underlying Mahdist thinking can be gathered from Kahlili's condensed version of a Farsi language Iranian documentary, with English sub-titles. The men from the east spoken of in the video are probably the Black Flag army from Khorasan of the end of days Hadiths on the rise of the world-conquering Mahdi, interpreted in Shiite Islam as the 12th Imam:

The video note at Youtube says:
The edit and translation is by Reza Kahlili (Copyright: Reza Kahlili) - (The original Farsi version is over one hour long and the makers have stated specifically that there are no restrictions on copying said video. They have also asked the public to distribute the video). For more information about this movie and on the book "A Time to Betray", please visit:
 F/N: Update, news article here.