Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Capacity Focus, 27: A gap -- a need for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing Java software ON the cradled Android Tablet

A cradled Android Tablet:
how can this be used as a
valid program-writing
platform, for programming
for all?
While there are various options for writing and compiling software for the Android (on PC's etc), there seems to currently be a gap when it comes to having a local -- not cloud -- IDE for writing software USING the Android Tablet. 

The various IDE's on the cloud are helpful, for what they do, but for educational purposes, it is clear we need something that can turn the Tablet into a valid light Java programming platform in its own right. We need people to be able to program for assignments and projects in the context of a programming for all course, without having to have (fairly expensive) broadband and/or wireless access at home etc.

I suspect that in the next year or two, someone out there may seek to address this, but the reality of the gap has to be recognised. 

In the worst case, this means programming on the cloud -- using hosted remote IDE's accessed through browsers, and perhaps writing code using a stripped down txt file format on the Android's word processor. But, that is far from preferable.

One hopes the "1337's" out there [i.e. the "leets" = elites of the programming subculture] will recognise that this is not idiocy or stupidity, but a legitimate need in especially an educational context.  As in, where will the next generation of 1337's -- especially out in the 2/3rds World boondocks where the digital divide most urgently needs bridging -- come from?

Perhaps, someone out there in a university computing department could help out. E.g., an Android version of Dr J or the like would be very welcome.

Not a deal-breaker, but a point of concern. END

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