Sunday, December 04, 2011

Capacity Focus, 24: A useful carrying folder and keyboard for educational tablets

A tablet in a case; no commercial
endorsement implied.
(HT: Amazon)

A useful way to set up a 7" or so educational tablet, is to slip it into a cradle that is in a leatherette folder with a USB keyboard and a prop behind the flip-up tablet holder. Such a folder will also  have as well a stylus holder.
 Such cases seem to be already on offer commercially, for less than US$ 20, though of course quality may be an issue once we are in this range; test purchases would be advisable.  

(Note as well, that Coby and others are already offering Tablets in the range of about US$ 100, with adequate though modest performance for a machine expected to do light duty surfing, note taking, fairly simple document processing, and calculator emulation or the like. These seem to be generally based on the Android operating system.)

 This video shows such a tablet in a folder, with a modification to incorporate two USB ports -- a great idea:

While the keyboard in such a case will be undersized, it will be very useful for simple typing tasks for quick notes or emails, course forum messages and the like, as well as ebook reading and working through coursework.  It would also be useful for writing computer programs.

Such a tablet- in- a- folder would also be very useful with a sophisticated calculator emulator (like the Ti 92 family emulator that is downloadable here) or as a computer core for what is in effect a USB port based lab or field instrument.

In effect, we have here -- once we can make sure we have good quality components, not "el cheapo" junk -- a credible form factor for using the envisioned US$ 100 or so educational tablet in a very flexible manner. END

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