Saturday, August 25, 2007

On Evolutionary Materialism, the Credibility of Mind and the binding nature of Morality

I have been heavily engaged in a discussion at UD, which started out on Darwin's 1861 remarks in a letter, in which he uses the term Intelligent Design or a near phrasing, in a humorous vein.

It unfortunately, and sadly (but then we are finite, fallible, fallen and too often ill-willed, desperately needing repentance, revival and reformation under God) soon deteriorated into a blog-quarrel.

I intervened at about 48 (starting from a recognition of how easy it is for us to all fall into moral failure . . .) on, when I saw that the above headlined issue was lurking in it. Since then there has been a very interesting exchange. [I have also had a side email exchange with one of the legions of the "banned from UD," which has a rather fast on the draw banning policy.]

Over the next week or so, due to business/ministry engagements, I will be incommunicado, do pardon. END

PS: I note with thanks that someone has stepped forward to make notes on Mr El Faisal's Boyne interviews, which aired a few days after the Dean side-swipe, and which are replete with typical Islamic apologetics/ polemical counter-Bible etc claims that would indeed confuse those who are not thoroughly grounded in basic Bible and well-grounded theology, e.g. regarding the Trinity (cf. also here) and the Incarnation, cf. here, here and here. In my experience, Paul will also come in for poorly founded but often persuasive rhetorical attacks. I intend to follow up in due course, especially on having in hand notes on the more theological interview, which may not have aired as yet. [Any volunteers to watch this and other key events and trends and make and pass on accurate notes . . . ?] My main discussion of Islam and its potential impacts on our region is here. Here is a discussion on the issue of Islam's claimed roots in Abraham, with a discussion on the modern history of Israel. This one here, on Dr Sultana Afroz's thesis that our African Ancestors were largely Muslims is also helpful, as is Prof Warner-Lewis' devastating article in response to Dr Afroz here. And, here is a declaration of principles and a call to action.

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