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Mat 24 watch, 31: Updates on Jamaica's El Faisal, as he embarks on a PR campaign

An alert reader -- thanks, Reader X -- notes that on Wednesday August 8th, El Faisal, the Jamaican-born, Saudi-educated Imam recently deported form Britain because of his conviction in open court on charges related to evidence of his promotion of terrorism in the UK, was interviewed on a morning TVJ programme in Jamaica.

He is apparently due to talk tomorrow, Aug 11th, at Jose Marti Secondary School on "Fifteen reasons why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world"; of course, actually, over the past Century, that position has belonged consistently to the Christian faith.

Reported highlights of the interview include [with my comments in square brackets]:
--> "no other religion gives an explanation of God." [Of course, in Islam, God is, strictly speaking, inscrutable, and in the Christian Faith, Jesus, the Logos makes God known to us in fullness and grace!]

--> "Christianity blasphemes e.g. refering to Mary as Holy Mother of God." [This reflects Islam's misunderstanding of and hostility to the Eternal Sonship of Christ and his incarnation via virginal conception and birth; through Mohammed's confusion of authentic Christian teachings with distorted heresies current in Arabia, and also apparently with pagan myths of gods and their proclivities for pretty girls.]

--> ". . . arguing that women are treated well in his religion e.g. forced marraigae is not allowed altho' some do it." [A bit hard to defend not only in light of the recent case of the kidnapped professor in Gaza discussed on Monday, but also the notorious track record of the Taliban, and current goings on with the 21 surviving Korean Christian hostages (16 women, 5 men) who were in Afghanistan as volunteer health aid workers from a church group, when they were kidnapped. Two of their number, including their pastor, have already been murdered by their abductors.]

--> ". . . referring to the heathen, then quickly added that the heathen are the enemies (or words to that effect) of his religion. In other words he implied that he was not talking about everyone who are not part of his religion." [The Quran encisions two classes of outsiders, [1] People of the Book -- i.e of recognised religions such as Judaism and Christianity, who are subjected to Apartheid-like Dhimmitude under Islamist rule, and [2] "heathen" -- i.e everyone else, subject in principle tot he choice of conversion to Islam or being put to the sword.]

-> " . . . said he did not incite the London bomber as a taped Will was left in which the culprits referred to the system as the cause (my words)." [As linked above, according to a CNN report
made at the time of his trial, some of the tapes made by El Faisal in the UK, which were on sale and formed part of the evidence of his incitement to terrorism, include titles such as: " "Jihad," "No Peace with Jews" and "Them Versus Us"." According to the Guardian of the UK, these tapes played a central role in his trial, conviction, gaol term and subsequent deportation. Indeed this Guardian report noted that: "[An] Old Bailey jury found El-Faisal guilty of three charges relating to inciting racial hatred as well as three charges of soliciting murder. He was remanded in custody for sentencing on March 7. El-Faisal had denied five charges of soliciting the murder of non-believers, Jews, Americans and Hindus, and four charges relating to inciting racial hatred . . . " Indeed, the Sunday Times of London in 2006 "discovered that Hamid Ali, of the Al-Madina Masjid mosque in Tunstall Road, Beeston had described the bombers of 7/7, who killed 52 people in London Transport last year, as al-Faisal's "children"."]
In short, we are dealing with a clever, manipulative, misdirecting and misleading operator, here. It is therefore worth pausing to cite from one of those tapes, which according to the Guardian report just linked, has in it the counsel that:
. . . el-Faisal urged Muslim women to "bring up your male children in the jihad mentality."

"So when you buy your toys for your boys you buy tanks and guns and helicopter gunships and so forth. The way forward can never be the ballot. The way forward is the bullet."

"How wonderful it is to kill the Kuffar [i.e. unbeliever/ heathen].
You crawl on his back and while you push him down into hellfire you are going into paradise."

Another of his jihad tape contains the words: "So you go to India and if you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money, is that clear?" [According to another BBC report, they were sold "at specialist Islamic bookshops" (itself highly telling!) Emphases added.]
Immediately, one sees that for instance, when Mr El Faisal speaks of "heathen" he is referring to plundering and even murdering a whole class of people simply going about the ordinary affairs of life, not to active and specific enemies of Islam.

One therefore hopes that Mr Ian Boyne in his proposed TV interview next week, will hold Mr El Faisal closely to the credible facts, based on having dome serious research.

Otherwise, he will simply contribute to the ongoing naivete of the Caribbean in the face of radical Islamist ambitions and agendas. END

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