Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Matt 24 watch, 303: The "mainstream" media narrative on the Las Vegas shooting begins to collapse

I have been far less active here this year, but I think it is necessary to put up some thoughts on the Las Vegas mass-murder events. 

Especially, in the aftermath of law enforcement admissions that the security guard on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel on the LV Strip was apparently shot and wounded about six minutes BEFORE the shootings attacking the Country and Western concert began. 

This takes away the underpinnings for the narrative that the guard precipitated the ending of the incident. As at now the 72 minute delay before a SWAT team broke into the prime suspect's room remains as an unexplained but disturbing point. Especially, if a security guard went down wounded under a hail of fire reported to be 200 rounds sent down the hall-way. Surely, that should have triggered guests on that or nearby floors to call security and/or 9/11. BEFORE the headlined attack began.

Then, we have the note originally thought to be a suicide note. Nope, a bullet-drop ballistic calculation for the 300 - 400 m to the concert venue, compounded by 32nd floor elevation, maybe ~ 100 m up. Such points to someone with significant knowledge of shooting. Which, is doubly inconsistent with the videos and narrative. 

First, serious shooters typically use short, 5 - 7 round bursts with automatic weapons, as this is easier to control and better manages the heat and riding-up due to recoil problems.  We were seeing long bursts. 

Second, a bump fire stock does not sound like a reasonable means of getting rapid fire for long bursts while preserving the sort of accuracy implied by doing a bullet drop calculation. Especially when the target is an area, a concert with 20,000 people and choke-point entrance/exit.  And, with Mexico nearby so full automatic weapons were available to someone with the sort of means being described. Likewise, it is questionable that someone like that would put faith in illegal adaptations to full automatic capacity unless done by a serious expert. Bump fire stocks do not fit.

Cessation after 9 minutes with maybe 1/2 the ammunition available unexpended and many available guns unfired also does not make sense, especially as the SWAT team was long delayed.

In short, things don't add up and dominant media narratives are unravelling for those who are paying close, critical-minded attention. And that's before we get to the shooter profile.

 (BTW, it's a little ironic that "303" is the common name for a famous British issue rifle, the Lee-Enfield, and its round.)

First, we need some appreciation of the strip:

 Next, a 3-D look:

Now, Alex Jones is not a source I generally endorse, but this interview with a former Intel billet military officer and survivalist should give pause -- especially the video showing overlapping, distinct streams of automatic gunfire and that showing near and distant fire. Such point to multiple shooters. 

Where, the presence early on of an extremely long burst -- some estimate 120 - 140 rounds -- near the start of the incident made me at first wonder if we were not seeing an AK47 with a 75 round drum magazine. There are 100 round magazines available for the M16 family. But the burst seems to be 20 - 40% longer than anything like that accounts for; the suggestion is that we had here a belt-fed machine gun, similar to an M60 or M240, in addition to rifles with magazines up to 60 or 100 rounds, and it seems a significant number of standard 30 round magazines. With a drug war going on in Mexico, access to such is not a problem.

Jones video:

Similarly, this video from a YouTube Channel shows evidence of a secondary shooting during that evening involving what a retired marine identifies as automatic weapons fire leading to a panic at the Bellagio, significantly to the north along the strip:

But most disturbing in some ways are aspects of the shooter's profile. 

A wealthy heavy gambler for 20 years -- tens of thousands per day (with claims of up to a million), visible means of support . . . managing apartments that he partly owned . . . not reasonably fitting with such cash flows, live-in Philippina Australian citizen girlfriend met as a high stakes casino hostess, a pilot owning light aircraft, going here and there including the Middle East, mysterious millions. 

The pattern suggests a drugs or low end arms dealer and intelligence asset. One, likely using casinos to launder funds and thus bring them into the "clean" economy. 

Such a figure could easily become entangled in a web of multi-directional double-cross dealings and end up as the "patsy" that Lee Harvey Oswald announced himself to be seconds before being fatally shot by Jack Ruby. And that is consistent with ISIS, Antifa, the CIA, FBI and who knows what else being entangled in the case. ISIS has repeatedly claimed responsibility (with hints of a video) and there have been reports of Antifa literature.

No wonder, given the way the major media houses have tossed away their objectivity and credibility, that so many are extremely suspicious.

I again call attention to the straight vs spin challenge:

Let us realise that we live in an age of mass media manipulation and cynical deception. END