Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Matt 24 watch, 290: Rumours of an ISIS attack in Trinidad, as a policeman and a soldier are shot dead near or in their homes

ZJB News this morning led me to follow up at the Trinidad media sites. 

Details are sketchy in the accessible reports (there seems to be a tendency to lock away information behind subscription walls and paywalls these days . . . ), but I clip:

1: Trinidad Express [May 24, 2016, 10:30 pm AST] on jitters i/l/o the apparent ISIS threat and death of a police officer and a soldier:
 ALREADY jittery over social-media-spread rumours that ISIS terrorists were planning shopping-mall bombings this weekend, citizens awoke to the news yesterday that a police officer and soldier had been shot dead in attacks at their homes.

National Security Minister Edmond Dillon said an attempt was being made to authenticate the contents of the voice recording and, in the meantime, people should stay vigilant, remain calm and not be guided by rumour.

He also condemned the murder of PC Jason John, killed at 12.30 a.m. after securing his car near the family home in Five Rivers, Arouca, and that of Defence Force Cpl Jerry Leacock, shot dead in his Wallerfield home at 5.30 a.m. after confronting four intruders.
2: Express  [May 24, 2016, 10:46 pm AST] with more details on the on murder of the soldier:
THREE bandits escaped with a box of costume jewelry and a car after they robbed a Wallerfield family and shot dead a soldier ["Regiment soldier Cpl Jerry Leacock . . . an officer in the Regiment's Engineering Battalion"] who was relatives said was a devoted father and husband who swore he would always protect them.

Last night, one of the suspects was arrested and was assisting police in their investigation.
3: Trinidad Guardian, earlier [Saturday, April 16, 2016], on the threat of radicalised Muslims from Trinidad:

T'dad Guardian: Trinidadian fighters Shane Crawford, from left,
Arshad Mohammed and three other unidentified Trinidadians
pose for a photo last year. Crawford has since been killed
The state has information that over 400 T&T nationals - men, women and children - have gone to Syria and undergone military training and indoctrination with the Islamic State (Isis) and have been radicalised, Opposition MP Roodal Moonilal revealed yesterday.
“Government has information on the most significant security threat facing T&T and our generation - the threat of Isis infiltrating the Caribbean and T&T. What are you doing about it?” Moonilal asked in Parliament.

Speaking during debate on legislation to amend the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) to deepen local intelligence capabilities, Moonilal challenged Government to comment on information coming to hand that Government has received intelligence on the stockpiling of weapons in T&T and threats to the State.
4: Guardian [Monday, April 18, 2016], on a warning by an Imam:
An ASJA (Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association) imam is warning the Isis threat in T&T is so real, “if somebody pats you on your shoulder it could be one of them.” 

At the same time, Jamaat al Muslimeen public relations officer, Fuad Abu Bakr, said a threat to the State seems “fictitious” and even said it is a “convenient diversion.”

The men made the comments in response to questions from the T&T Guardian on disclosures by UNC MP Dr Roodal Moonilal in Parliament, last Friday, that 400 nationals had received military training in Syria, and had been indoctrinated by Isis and radicalised.
National Security Minister Edmund Dillon later confirmed this but said he had information that the number of those who went to Syria was closer to over 100. A state witness also released information on CrimeWatch television show on CNC3 last week, saying female Isis suicide bombers are already in T&T.

She said there are plans to strike central Trinidad and tall buildings in Port-of-Spain and an attempt to overthrow the Government. She claimed members of the T&T Regiment and police officers are involved. She said Isis followers have been training in various parts of Trinidad and have already been equipped.

The T&T Guardian spoke to the ASJA imam who asked that his identity be protected. He said he recognised two of the men in a T&T Guardian photograph published in last Saturday’s newspaper.

“They are both from Warrenville in Central. One of them worked in a store.
“Somebody is financing them along the way. Someone who works for $300 in a store cannot even save to go Venezuela. Something is attracting them. The US dollar.” He described these young men as “misguided.”

On the infiltration of Isis into T&T’s Muslim community, he said, “I believe there would have been some inroads into the local Muslim community that could pose a threat.

“If somebody pats you on your shoulder it could be one of them. You have to be careful how you tread. Yes, I believe Isis is a threat to us in Trinidad.”

The imam named certain mosques which may be on the “radical” side. He said Isis and its followers are giving a bad name to Islam.

“Suicide bombers and all those sorts of things we don’t support. I do not believe any imam coming out of ASJA will support such things. Those things are totally alien to our religion. We do not support brutality. We believe we are to peacefully do the will of Allah and we preach peace.

“We will not support masjids who adhere to the teachings of Isis.
It looks like the international news headlines may be beginning to become regional news, reflecting the two tidal waves challenge often discussed in this blog:

Food for thought, and a warning to take reasonable precautions and pro-active steps. END