Thursday, April 14, 2016

1 Chron 12:32 report, 124: Lance Wallnau on the power of message unity and clarity

Yes, the seven mountains vision guy. 

Here he is on the clarity of reformation message to the nations challenge in the face of yet another pivotal US election cycle in which the increasingly dominant radical de-christianisation of our civilisation agenda is poised to make another quantum leap ahead . . . in our ongoing march of folly over the cliff:

Over the cliff:

Or, more analytically:

Well worth pondering.

For instance, here is a flip-chart sketch in which he lays out a key analysis:

In this we first see a confused church leadership/voices pulling in all sorts of directions on various issues and concerns because of want of unified strategic vision and focus. 

The second stage shows what a unified vision and focus would do, create a massive socio-cultural movement of reformation. And yes, in case you missed it, Eph 4:9 - 24 makes it quite plain the gospel message calls for transformation of culture through the gospel as the fulness of Christ in loving grace pervades "all things." Likewise, when the Great Commission of Matt 28:18 - 20 calls us to disciple the nations, baptising them and teaching them to live based on Jesus' commands as Lord and Saviour, it is a call to repentance, renewal, revival and reformation. That is the foundation of discipleship.

Infographic (integrating the seven mountains message as a simple way to capture the "filling all things" challenge and tie it to discipleship foundations):

Seven Mountains?

The third panel shows the challenge of democracy, on the principle that elections are won or lost in the muddled middle. Where, there is an ongoing worldviews culture struggle in our civilisation as radical dechristianisers and even islamists are pulling us this way and that, too often ruthlessly manipulating the confused. 

In such a context, clarity and unity of strategic focus becomes a critical challenge for the church.

Which is precisely what has long been missing.

Here in the Caribbean, the pattern is similar, as the two tidal waves challenge confronts us:

Ironically, we the Christians of the Caribbean have a major strategic opportunity under our missionary mandate, to be the third tidal wave:

Are we open to rethink, regroup and make the most of our opportunities in the face of an evil day? 

Or, will the Lord of the Harvest find us wanting?

So, it is back to the Mordecai challenge.

Why not NOW, why not HERE, why not US?  END