Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Matt 24 watch, 282: Clinton emails investigation may be broadening into a corruption probe -- Neil Cavuto

Mrs Hillary Clinton is the leading presidential candidate of the US Democratic Party, which is almost reflexively supported by many people here in the Caribbean -- despite very worrying trends such as being the driving force behind support for mass abortion [which has been the worst holocaust in history in the past generation, enmeshing millions in guilt of innocent blood] and despite having pushed through the recent attempt to create under colour of law, so-called same sex marriage [a contradiction in terms that manifestly harms family as social foundation and puts our civilisation in the same category as Sodom and Gomorrah]. 

With a crucial election coming up, and with the Democrats being in effect the natural majority party in the USA, developments affecting her candidacy are a significant trend and indicator of the signs of our times.

Against that backdrop, Neil Cavuto (of Fox News) is reporting that Fox's sources indicate a possible broadening of the Hillary Clinton emails abuse  scandal probe to include questions on possible corruption through exploitation of access by donors.


For a quick backgrounder on the email scandal -- it is now well known that Mrs Clinton installed a private and inadequately secure server in her home and improperly used it to carry out official business, cf here:

This has been coming for months, here is Judge Napolitano in September -- and notice that a key figure in this investigation is a leader of the investigation that led to the conviction of Gen Petraeus in connexion with Internet security violations connected to a love affair:

WSJ's summary and the curiously subdued approach of Wikipedia are illuminating.

In a related development, Huma Abedin, daughter of significant Islamist activists -- e.g. her parents founded and have run the Journal of Muslim Minority affairs which is connected to the settlement-jihad strategy [and which published Sultana Afroz's deeply questionable slaves and Maroons were Muslim Caribbean history thesis] -- and an extremely close aide, is also being probed:
The State Department has agreed to process for public release an archive of 29,000 pages of emails longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin sent or received on a private account while working as deputy chief of staff to Clinton from 2009 to 2013.

Abedin turned over the collection of emails to State last year at the agency's request following the controversy over the disclosure of Clinton's exclusive use of a private email account while secretary of state . . . . a legal filing Monday in a lawsuit brought by the conservative group Judicial Watch indicated State has acceded to a request to process all the emails Abedin turned over, except for news articles and summaries.

"The parties have agreed that State will produce to Judicial Watch responsive, nonexempt records from within the recently received documents, excluding news clippings/briefings contained therein," said the court filing (posted here).
We need to monitor. END

PS: Poll trends, from IBD: