Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Matt 24 watch, 263: As ISIS closes in on Baghdad . . .

Daily Mail has a chilling article:

Iraq braced for the Battle of Baghdad: Chilling images show ISIS victory parade after fanatics seize key city of Ramadi - just 60 miles from the capital - in an orgy of violence and beheadings

  • ISIS has 'surrounded' Iraqi capital and wants 'all-out war' with militia there
  • Battle between terror group and Shia fighters there would be 'utter carnage'
  • Islamic State seized strategic city of Ramadi just 60 miles west of Baghdad
  • Released sick images showing militants and children celebrating victory
  • 3,000 Shi'ite paramilitaries are now preparing to launch counter-offensive

. . . and map:

Powerline's Hinderaker comments:
The “sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq” that Barack Obama and Joe Biden hailed as one of Obama’s “great achievements” in 2014 has regressed into chaos as a result of Obama’s premature withdrawal of American troops. But it isn’t just Iraq. Syria is the closest thing to Hell on Earth. Iran is working away on nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Yemen has fallen to Iran’s proxies. Saudi Arabia is looking for nuclear weapons to counter Iran’s. ISIS occupies an area the size of Great Britain. Libya, its dictator having been gratuitously overthrown by feckless Western governments that had no plan for what would follow, is a failed state and terrorist playground. 

It seems as though things couldn’t possibly get worse, but they almost certainly will. We are seeing the fruit of a set of policies that were based on the false premise that problems in the Middle East are mostly the fault of the United States . . .
Reality seems to be knocking at the door, but is anybody listening? END