Friday, April 24, 2015

Matt 24 watch, 258: Wisconsin's shame -- where politicised judges, prosecutors and out of control police acting in a climate of Agit-Prop hysteria can take laws meant to rein in criminal syndicates . . .


Read. (Then, read here for just how bad things can get. [And note here, how ISIS terrorists destroyed the church erected as a memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, at the 1915 equivalent of Auschwitz, Der Zor. Yes, exactly 100 years ago, the forgotten Genocide. One, of the very first nation to declare itself a Christian people; some 1700 years ago.])

And then ponder what can happen when ruthless, amoral agit-prop radical activism gets out of hand and into the hands of the fundamentally lawless. Including, office-holders. Where, we also have to ask, what bewitched the legislators into passing laws as potentially undermining of basic civil rights as that and led them to apparently leave out adequate safeguards?

Don't say, no it cannot happen. 

It already has. 

Let us take due warning before swallowing demonisation, stereotyping and scapegoating of politically incorrect groups. Such as, these days, Christians who take their faith seriously. END