Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Rom 1 reply, 55b: A poem on why there is something rather than nothing

A reader has passed in the following poem, which I have permission to post under the author's name, as provocative -- and certainly not politically correct! -- food for thought:

By Billy Hall
Why should I believe in anything? 
Because I cannot believe in ‘nothing’!
For, logically, to believe in ‘nothing’ is
To believe in ‘something’ recognized as ‘nothing’.
Therefore, whether considered ‘measureless’ scientifically
Or even ‘meaningless’ semantically, the truth realistically
Is that ‘nothing’ is an impossibility in a world of infinity
For in such a world even concepts have perpetuity.
Therefore, logically it cannot then be denied,
Any claim of belief in ‘nothing’ is a claim of falsity;
Such a belief, definitely, contradicts rationality,
And so deserves ridicule except if claimed for fantasy.
Yet, there are religionists who claim belief in ‘Nirvana’;
An acclaimed achievement of profound ‘forgetfulness’;
Which adherents of such ‘deathlessness’ also call ‘nothingness’;
Such belief truthfully must be declared at best ‘foolishness’!

Worth the pause to ponder, whether or not you agree in whole or in part or not at all. END