Saturday, May 31, 2014

On Natural Resources and Hazards management -- a KF Blog Series pamphlet

Just now, I have added a new pamphlet on sustainably managing natural resources and hazards, here, based on KF Capacity Focus posts 84 - 89 made across May. This series naturally brings to bear the challenge of addressing governance and so there is no current intent to do a further series on that subject. (Readers may find this on Ethics and Development, helpful, and this note on practical concerns for SD.) Also, I have appended some remarks on Rankine power cycles and Geothermal energy development, a relevant case in point. END

PS: Readers in Montserrat may find the executive summary -- yes, only the 2 pp. summary has been released -- of an EGS report on Wells 1 and 2 hosted by GoM here, useful. Note, 2 MWe potential, before parasitic in-plant loads. Also, moderate chemistry and a fluid temperature of about 220 degrees C; within the zone typically used for Flash steam plants.