Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Matt 24 watch, 237: Declaring war on humanity . . . radical evolutionary materialism-rooted undermining of the uniqueness, moral worth and dignity of humans

Let us watch a sobering, sobering video:

And no, this is not overblown scare-mongering, it is happening around us, we already have had constitutional law in Switzerland influenced by this pattern of thought.

Let us then reflect carefully on what it means to have influential groups more and more influenced ideologically by an inherently amoral worldview, evolutionary materialism -- and where it points. 

(Yes,objectors:  MOST Darwinists and Evolutionary Materialists do not think like this, but the issue is influence, influence that is knocking hard on the doors of both legislatures and courtrooms. And, onwards, potential impact. [Let us not forget that a decade ago, very few Evolutionary Materialism influenced people would have accepted the talking points on "marriage equality" etc and the implications for family and marriage. What a difference a decade makes in an age of manipulaiton by ruthless ideologues with deep pocket and powerful influence.]) 

DV, later. END