Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amazing -- Sailfish caught in Cape Cod Canal, MA, by a surf fisherman . . .

August, this year; a catch of a lifetime -- the fish got itself tail wrapped, and regrettably, was not able to be revived. Video:


 A storm soft plastic swimbait was used, probably similar to this 5" Blueback Herring:

Local video news report:

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The website for On The Water reports:
According to Mike at M & D’s in Wareham, a billfish of some kind was caught in the Cape Cod Canal Tuesday night at Murderer’s Row. At approximately 7:30AM Wednesday morning Cape Cod Tackle Facebook page posted, “I just watched a video on a customers cell phone of a guy catching a Marlin in the canal last night. I ‘m not kidding I said a Marlin. Caught at the Murders row last night. I’ll post pictures later when he sends them to me.”

“They thought it was a shark at first, so they cast back out and hooked up. It was hanging around in between the pilings, which is even more strange,” Mike told us when we called him later that morning.

At about 7pm Wednesday night, Mike also added to his Facebook page:
“I should also point out they tried to revive the fish but it did not survive. The fish ended up having the braid wrapped around his tail cutting deep into the front of the tail area. fish was caught on a custom rod/Shimano Baitrunner reel 50 lb braid and a Storm Blue Herring swim bait lure. anglers name withheld for now.”
 50 lb gel spun polyester braid probably has about the diameter of the more traditional 12 lb nylon mono line, and the reel (reportedly twice nearly spooled) and a surf fishing spinning reel could credibly handle a serious 50 - 80 lb fish. But, an amazing catch from shore.

Though, it should be noted that Sailfish do come in close to shore but usually far to the south. But then the seas were apparently quite warm  this summer.

Rare, but possible. END