Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Enemies of humanity" -- a sobering sign of what we are up against, in the face of a radical secularist kulturkampf


Design thinkers, creationists and Christians have been slanderously branded: enemies of humanity. Some, primary as ringleaders, others secondary as dupes. and of course, the mere fact that we dare acknowledge living by faith ts the great proof of our utter, irretrievable irrationality, that cannot -- save by cowardice -- be trowelled over with arguments. So we are right wing bigots and theocratic totalitarian would be tyrants.

Bottomline, the slander game is again afoot: enemies of humanity.

Fire, Rome, 64 AD (Wiki)

Shades of Nero's suspicion-shifting false accusation that blamed Christians for the fire of Rome of 64 AD.

(I have therefore had to respond -- as linked -- to some slanders hosted at a blog ostensibly set up as a civil forum for discussion regarding design issues. De facto, on fair comment, it serves as a front and its owner as a face card for some pretty radical and ruthless ideologues who hang out in web fever swamps such as After the Bar Closes, Anti Evolution and the like. One of those swamps is the reason comments have been suspended here.)

Food for sobering thought.

Then, a point for determined, undaunted but honourable action.

This is an evil day, so let us stand. END