Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Icky, dirty cash -- what's on those dollar bills [you DON'T want to know] . . . even crispy new ones from the ATM (and so also, what about keyboards, door-knobs, hand rails, steering wheels, phones and cell phonesetc?)

I ran across a reminder of just how dirty -- in the literal sense -- money can be, sometimes (it seems) even if fresh from the ATM and neatly crispy.

It seems, people handle cash with dirty hands, and all sorts of stuff gets on the bills.

In the US, notoriously, Cocaine.

Germs and viruses can live on the bills for a long time.

Don't ask about whether people have washed their hands properly.

It is so bad that I am led to ask whether we should handle cash with latex gloves and/or should use strict hand washing rules once we handle cash. At minimum, investing in one of those alcohol gel no water hand cleanser squeeze bottles makes a lot of sense. 

Carry in pocket or purse and do a little quick clean-up. (You can keep a refill bottle at home.)

If hospitals and clinics love the stuff, that is a sign. (And notice the paper wipes kept right next to them.)

And, could we have time release disinfectants in our bills, please? Please? Pleeeeeeeze?

Anyway, if your stomach is up to it, you can click here for more. 

And that raises questions: keyboards, ATM Machine keypads, cell phone keys, steering wheels, door handles, hand rails and more.

Ick! END