Saturday, August 18, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 167: Media discussions on a possible Middle East war with Iran and its proxies

The tensions are again ratcheting up in the Middle East, with talk of a month-long conflict involving an Israeli strike against Iran and conflict with several Iranian proxies neighbouring Israel.

According to the video below, this could involve hundreds of missiles striking Israel per day, and perhaps five hundred or more Israeli dead. And, with the 1973 war as a picture, oil could spike with its price maybe doubling or quadrupling, which we in the Caribbean need to think about very carefully indeed:

Grim news, and let us pray that good sense will prevail so we will see a stepping back from the brink. 

In particular, surely the Iranian leadership must know that a credible threat or actual use of nukes -- however disguised -- would obviously leave Iran as a smoking, glowing pile of slag within hours. And, once Iran nears such a capacity, Israel -- on the track record of 1967 and in light of the repeated genocidal threats made by Iranian leaders -- will definitely strike, strike as hard as it deems necessary and willingly accepting even appalling losses in return as the alternative they see is genocide. And, they will be grimly determined that a bad press or even global pariah state status is better than a good eulogy.

(We should all remember that Israel's credible capacity includes sea-launchable cruise missiles, with 1,500 km range. With all that that implies. Where also, Iran's leaders have shown a bellicosity that takes the sort of mutual deterrence that stabilised the Cold War situation for decades off the table. Israel obviously cannot afford to allow Iran to deploy nukes, and -- just using basic common sense -- it plainly will not.)

The path to nukes Iran has pursued since the 1980's cannot possibly come to a good end. 

It is therefore high time that Iran's leaders re-thought their policy, and turned away from patent folly. 

Let us pray to that end. END

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