Friday, January 27, 2012

Capacity Focus, 33: Tesla -- let us breeze our heads out on the tragic side of genius, by thinking about Nikola Tesla, electrical genius

Nikola Tesla is probably most commonly mentioned in our day by the unit of magnetic induction named for him; though there is a bit of a lunatic fringe fascinated by his work with high frequency electricity and wireless power. 

But, regardless of how he came to die in poverty and is at best dimly remembered, he is a genius of Electricity who opened doors for global electrification:

(A second video focuses on some of his breakthroughs. Online bio, here.)

Here, we see the need to properly treasure and nurture genius and giftedness. If, we want breakthroughs.

In short, our region now has to learn to spot and nurture -- not exploit or abuse -- talent. 

Let us call this, paying the price to appreciate and invest in the future. 

In this case, in a man a half century before his time. END

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