Friday, November 18, 2011

Professor Richard Weikart's lecture on the historical lines from Darwin to Hitler

For record, we need to note this lecture by professor Richard Weikart of the University of California, at UCSB:

Unpleasant but important listening. It would also repay the time to read the essay here, and to note the remarks in this blog here

(I note there are turnabout attempts at the usual hate sites. Simply pay attention to the documented record -- which Weikart competently summarises; including the recently released once secret files on the Nazi intention to subvert/persecute and destroy the Christian faith in their empire [transcript here, facsimilies here]; which should give "the (telling) rest of the story" to the cases where he pretended to Christian faith, the better to manipulate the German people's sentiments. [Cf the Barmen Declaration.] And those who seemingly think all references to a "Creator" are to the God of the Bible and therefore wish to label Nazism as "Creationist" to create a turnabout accusation and guilt by invidious association, should note that Hitler's "creator" was a personification of nature and in particular a largely neo-pagan take on a racially focussed principle of evolutionary progress that one can see in outline in Haeckel and the like, as the clip from Hitler's Mein Kampf in the KF blog post here will make clear. [It should be noted that Nazism was materially rooted in streams of neopagan Aryan man mythology, which was trying to recreate the mythical Aryan race that was allegedly responsible for human progress.]  This EWTN page on Pope Pius XII will help balance some of the assertions commonly met with.)  END


F/N: KF Blog sub-Series on the Holocaust and its history of ideas roots, Mt 24 W 65, 66 [--> note the significance of the 3 million non-Jewish (predominantly Christian) Polish victims and Hitler's genocidal declaration of intent to wipe out Poland -- i.e. it is not just Jew-hatred that needs to be explained, but the attempt at wiping out of the neighbouring slavic people to create so-called "Lebensraum"],  67, 68; cf also video lecture here.

F/N 2: Weikart responds to some rebuttal attempts with documentation and evidence here, there is a link on Hitler's Second Book [not published] here, and bedfordgaol (Singapore) gives a sobering, documented, well-argued summary on Hitler the holocaust and the church (including the issue of the very same apostasy that Heine had warned against in 1830's -- cf here for a NYT article on this in 1914 -- yes, 1914)  -- including on the clear long-term Nazi attitude towards and agenda for the church --  here.  

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