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Matt 24 Watch, 141: How soon we forget the holocaust, and how easily we refuse to see what is going on in our own day

Today, we need to look at something -- Ray Comfort's "180" video -- that will take up a bit over half an hour, and will not be comfortable viewing. 

Indeed, it has a warning on gruesomely graphic content, taken from the Holocaust. 

(And, yes, these things happened within living memory; and I have personally seen such materials and the like in the official records of the trials of the major war criminals in the reference section of my University's main library. I note that I was -- up to that point, after nearly forty years, the ONLY person to have borrowed those shocking trial records. So, plainly, the Holocaust has not been receiving anywhere near the degree of attention it should have, for decades.)

I think it is vital for us to take time to see this video, as it exposes how, systematically -- it HAS to be systematically -- the upcoming generation has been led to be ignorant about where Nihilistic, will to power radically relativist supremacism rooted in evolutionary materialism and associated ideas and movements leads. Indeed, where it has been known to lead, ever since the days of Plato in The Laws, Bk X, 2350 years ago.

We can hardly plead that our civilisation has not been warned in good time on this subject, by leading lights!

(And BTW, why is it that the passage I have just linked is not prominent in discussions of these matters? That, too, is suspicious.)

Anyway, let us brace ourselves, and then let us pause to watch Comfort's video:

Now, Comfort is not just exposing the way we have been led to forget the Holocaust or how we have become so ignorant of moral principle, that many in our day plainly cannot cogently think about moral issues. 

He goes on to point the finger straight at the US Abortion holocaust, whereby over 50 million -- half a generation -- have been slaughtered in the womb; on the flimsy excuse of a "right to choose." This, backed up by dismissals of the obvious: the child in the womb is a human life; half the time of an entirely different sex from the mother, and indeed, right from conception and implantation, it has its own separate genetic identity.

And, no, we do not have a "right to choose" to take a fellow human being's life, especially an innocent one. Killing may be justifiable or excusable as a lesser of evils to protect the innocent or in self defense or the like, but it surely is not -- CAN NOT BE -- a "right."

Indeed, the very fact that the phrase "right to choose . . . " is as a rule left incomplete is a telling clue as to what is really going on. Somehow, "I have a right to choose to kill my innocent, unborn baby because that baby is inconvenient to me" -- the actual predominant reality of mass abortion on demand -- is not something we can explicitly hold up to public scrutiny.

But, the resulting mass bloodguilt is utterly corrupting and corrosive to conscience and ability to think straight on moral matters.

The responses on this issue, once the relevant context of the holocaust is brought to bear, are therefore eye-opening. 

(And nope, playing the so-called "Godwin's law" card fails; the issue is the mass slaughter of innocent but inconvenient human life by legal permission of a culture. Ray is quite correct to highlight the analogy that if you have wired a building for implosion, and hear that someone may have wandered into it, you would be utterly irresponsible and guilty of blood to ignore such a warning and push the demolition plunger.)

I also saw on the Youtube page that there was a linked video of objection. 

Astonishingly, it is a political label and demonise attack, which simply does not engage the issue of mass slaughter of innocent but inconvenient human life: why is it, objector, that so many people -- including a woman who, sadly, had aborted her unborn child -- turned out to be so ignorant on the other side of some pretty serious issues at stake, and on being exposed to Comfort's questions, changed their views in minutes or even perhaps seconds?

Absent a cogent response on the issues, objector, you are simply playing at Saul Alinsky style demonisation political rhetoric backed up by self-confessed self-righteous hacking.

So, we now all need to look very seriously at the significance of Hitler and his Holocaust for our day.

For the good of our souls, and of our common civilisation. END

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