Monday, August 01, 2011

Matt 24 Watch, 132: Responding to the rising tide of strident atheistical advocacy online, on campuses, and on the street

Today is August Monday [and it is a Monday!], anniversary of the 1834 - 8 ending of slavery in the Caribbean; in material part through the efforts of evangelical, dissenter Christians such as Wilberforce, Buxton and others, who stood up in the teeth of fierce opposition and viciously unfair attack, and in the end counted.

In that context, it is appropriate to pause to address the challenge of a rising tide of atheistical advocacy. As Fr Barron of Word on Fire asks: 

. . . are we prepared to answer to today's strident New Atheists?

Some good start-points:
CMI on Atheism. (Links page.)

CARM's Atheism response links page.

Vox Day's response to the New Atheists.

Plato's warning about the implications and consequences of evolutionary materialism. (Yes, ~ 360 BC, i.e. 2,350 years ago.) [Cf here on on the related origins science issues.]

My own notes on building a sound worldview.

(NB: Work in progress on the now increasingly common "your god is a fictional bronze age monster and you fundy followers are Christo-fascist would be theocratic tyrants" talking point. [Thoughts welcome. Note here on some remarks on the roots of modern liberty and democracy.])

Just some sparkers for thinking.

We need to be ready to give a reasoned response to what is now upon us. END

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