Friday, July 08, 2011

Presenting -- Dr Tommyrot on the Dawkins Delusion

Some years ago, someone prepared a spoof on some of the key arguments in Dr Richasrd Dawkins' The God Delusion and other works.

It is well worth a pause to watch/listen to:

[HT: UD]

The spoof is of course humorous, but makes a few serious points about the need for reasonable and consistent standards of warrant in assessing evidence of design in our world.

It will also serve as a useful introduction to some of the issues being addressed by design theory:
a: are there reliable empirically tested signs that credibly point to something being a product of choice and design, not

b: a spontaneous result of blind chance like what happens when we toss a die, and/or

c: the sort of mechanically necessary forces that make a dropped heavy ceramic vase fall to the floor, then

d: smash into ever so many pieces that then scatter across the floor at seeming random?

I think it will be helpful, especially for those who will find the more technical style presentations difficult to follow.

Take it as a pre-101, where one can go elsewhere for more. END

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