Monday, November 15, 2010

E-ink/e-paper goes colour

As we track the development of electronic paper, a key threshold is crossed, colour:

However the refresh time is till of minimum order 120 ms, or about 1/8 second. 

This means that e-paper is still not a full motion screen technology. But a long time back now, neither were LCDs.END


Ilíon said...

I say that recently, didn't even know about it before.

GEM of The Kairos Initiative said...


We can put the significance of this in one word: Kindle.

If the colour and speed of response barriers can be crossed, this revolutionises display technology, and drastically cuts down battery life issues.

Potentially transformative.


Ilíon said...

Come to think of it, I first saw it here!

As for Kindle, I don't think even this would make that attractive to me. But, maybe it would.

I can also see this used in those electronic picture frames.