Thursday, August 26, 2010

Matt 24 watch, 106: Significance of the Ground Zero Mosque

I have been busy elsewhere, but have noticed how there are evidently two initiatives to erect Mosques in lower Manhattan, one of them at a site where landing gear from Mohammed Atta's hijacked aircraft came through the roof on Sept 11, 2001. 

Even more significantly, it is intended to open the giant Mosque on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. 

(Remember, the attacks themselves came 318 years but one day after the decisive defeat of Ottoman forces at the gates of Vienna through Jan Sobieski's cavalry charge that turned back the tide of global subjugation under the Caliphate. So, not only were the means used highly significant -- America is the creator of both Skyscrapers and aircraft -- but the date was also highly significant. And, yes, it means we now have to read and parse the symbols in symbolism-laced actions. In the thought-world of radical Islam, these things are obvious. They have to become obvious to us too, if we are to survive.)

This mosque is to be named after Cordoba, the capital of Al Andaluz, the Islamic state imposed on Spain by conquest and subjugation under Sharia. As such it is evidently part of a longstanding Islamic pattern of erecting Mosques on captured sites with significance for the conquered people. (The Mosque that -- by happy accident -- seems to be just a little north of the actual correct site of the Jerusalem Temple, is a classic case in point).

But it is similarly no accident that Hagia Sophia, the main church of Constantinople, was turned into a Mosque, or that Hindus in India routinely have conflicts to reclaim their former sites, or that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan destroyed world heritage site statues of the Buddha. In fact, the practice traces all the way back to Mohammed, who is the designated exemplar for Muslims, when he converted the former pagan pilgrimage site in Mecca into the Muslim shrine it is today.

So, while many may have problems with Fox News and with Mr Beck, we need to at least attend to the following exchange with Mr Gaffney:

We may in the end choose to disagree with Mr Beck's views and Mr Gaffney's analysis, but we should at least be aware of them and respond on the merits, not reflexively and emotively. And, plainly, they have a serious point, as the Muslim Brotherhood is real and it has embarked on a 100 year global subjugation project through a Civilisation- settlement- jihad process. Al Qaeda -- especially the Egyptian wing from which Mr Atta came --  is a derivative of the Brotherhood. Hamas, the terrorist de facto government of Gaza, is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Worse, Iranian Mahdism is indeed a dangerously apocalyptic detabilising force in the Islamic world and far beyond it.  One that is now plainly at the nuclear threshold.

So, while the West plainly is not at all without sin (to say the least), we must recognise that there is a lesson to be learned from the fate of  disaffected Christian peoples in Syria and Egypt in the 630s; who chafed under Byzantine domination. They jumped from the frying pan of Byzantium into the fire of Islamist domination. 

1,400 years later, they are still in the fire, as the Maronite Christians of Lebanon and the Copts of Egypt can testify.
"A word to the wise . . ." END

FOOTNOTE: Michael Totten -- an independent journalist whose beat is the ME, and who has routinely given outstanding coverage -- has an interview on what it was like for an Israeli to visit S Lebanon. Eye-opening. For instance, try this scoop from Jonathan Spyer, the Israeli who visited S Lebanon:
A perfect storm is brewing in the Middle East. We’re experiencing the convergence of two historical phenomena. The first is the rise of Iran, which we’ve already talked about. We have an ambitious ideological elite committed to radical Islam and the expansion of power. Second, in country after country in the Middle East, various forms of radical Islam are becoming the most popular and vivid forms of political expression. We have Hamas among the Palestinians, Hezbollah among the Shia of Lebanon, the Islamic Action Front in Jordan, and the Muslim Brothers in Egypt . . .

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