Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A basic Study Skills Primer, for especially Caribbean High School (or first year College) level students

Over the past several weeks, I have developed a [draft so far] study skills primer as a presentation, with special reference to those preparing for CXC High School level examinations in the Caribbean.

It is ultimately based on content from the Readak "Speed Reading" course by Reading Dynamics International that I did in about 1972 [I gratefully acknowledge my intellectual debt!], and to many things I have learned over the years since, including a video on the SQ3R method I saw in the 1990's, which refreshed my mind and deepened my understanding. [BTW: The web is amazing: a quick search led me straight to Readak!]

It develops similar presentations I developed while teaching at the Montserrat Secondary School in the early 1990's, and again at the University of Technology in the late 1990's. [BTW, if anyone has a copy of the old handouts used in these workshops, I would be grateful. My copies were inadvertently left in a file that is in some trunk or other in Jamaica.]

Topics include:
  1. Understanding “Knowledge” and “Learning”
  2. “Spotting” & “Fixing” Learning Problems
  3. Learning in the Classroom
  4. Note-taking skills & tips
  5. “Practical” learning in Labs and Workshops
  6. Learning by reading textbooks & doing homework
  7. Doing SBA’s and similar assignments
  8. Preparing for Theory and Practical Exams
  9. Exam techniques
  10. Learning for Life and for Work
The PDF handout is here, at the Kairosfocus reference web site. (I will probably also put a link in this blog's links column, "shortly.")

Comments are invited and welcome. END

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