Monday, January 08, 2007

BREAKING: Montserrat Update, 3: 6:50 AM Jan 8, 07

BREAKING: I update by posting the substance of a response to the same person; which was originally intended to communicate a map -- but the alarms sounded then the Governor went on the air, then I waited to record the MVO chief's comments live.

Pardon the jerky style:



As I type this the Governor, HE Debra Barnes- Jones, is on air by phone at ZJB, at 6:40 AM, the alarms having finally sounded 5 minutes ago, 6:35 AM.



She went off air, and after several minutes Dr Hards is finally on air,
--> Explosion noise heard, 6:15, explosion, 30 k ft ash cloud

--> Pyroclastic [Flow, PF] activity, still in area evacuated over the past few days, furetner information to follow.

--> Where did surges go: Gages Valley, some in Tyres Ghaut, not very clear at moment.

--> Not seeing anything in Belham; note on PF activity. So far within guidelines (on the map, one assumes,[ linked].)

--> Morning show host, Basil Chambers, says sirens on saying "evacuate, evacuate" in Salem, Dr Hards indicates this relates to already designated areas.

--> Latest update: explosive event with gas and ash, PFs in Gages and Tyres not necessary over, stay put, don't panic.

____________ ________

Back to earlier:

She [Governor] indicates that Dr Hards, MVO head, is trying to get through to the radio station, and notes that a dome collapse is in progress.

Let us pray that it is a small one, and that nothing serious has happened.


The map is available from me, on request.

Further updates will be posted as necessary. END

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