Friday, October 27, 2006

Heads Up: Is Mr Fidel Castro terminally ill?

BREAKING: This morning I ran across the just linked NRO article by Mr Otto Reich, former assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere and later in the National Security Council, who reports of Mr Fidel Castro that:
This time the rumors are real: Castro is dying of stomach cancer. He may have already died, even before the funeral preparations were finished, so the news is not out. Confirmation of the terminal illness comes from the usual sources but in a non-conventional manner. The Cuban government has been summoning to Havana representatives of the major international media to negotiate the best seats, camera angles, and interviews with the despot’s political survivors, and to inform them of the ground rules for coverage of the state funeral.
He goes on to a rather acerbic commentary, at points IMHCO in rather poor taste; but this is important news for us in the Caribbean, to at least keep an eye open for.

Certainly I heard nothing on BBC this morning, and this is not independently confirmed, but it comes from an obviously well-connected source. So, it would be wise to keep an ear and eye out for possible developments.

More than that, let us pray for the good and long oppressed people of Cuba that God will grant them a way forward to a good outcome under the blessings of liberty; which are to be found in the Seed of Abraham. [Gal 3:14]

Also, for Mr Castro that even at death's door -- if the report is true -- he will make it right with his Maker.

And for his family that they will find a way to reconciliation and a good way forward for their nation.

The Cuban government is vigorously denying these "rumours," but is providing no details on Mr Castro's condition. The trur situation will make itself plain presently.

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