Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hezbollah in Venezuela?


Overnight, I ran across a disturbing account at NewsMax.com, by Gustavo Coronel, on that dangerous Islamist group's evidently successful missions to the marginalised Wayuu people group, who straddle the Venezuela-Columbia border.

While I think the tone of the article is in considerable need of improvement, the basic claim seems well-warranted, i.e there is good reason to conclude that such an outreach is in fact taking place, similar to many dawah initiatives around the world that target marginalised and disaffected groups. Certainly, Gateway Pundit has presented some disturbing images indeed, drawn from the Hezbollah Venezuela e-group web site.

Disturbing reading, and reason for us to reflect on the issues summarised here about Islamism and the Caribbean, and here, on how some islamic advocates in our region are manipulating our history the better to pull us into their system of thought and global agenda. Readers may also find the Barbados Declaration, July 2003 relevant to a proper response. END

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